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metro stations

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

many interesting stations, all of them different. took the krizikova metro in the karlin district after picking up our mechanical clock for repairs. like the colors here.

here's the closest metro to our apartment, at Národní třída

this is Náměstí Republiky i prague 1, not my favorite colors or design here

here's Florenc, where the bus depot is located, tough area in the old days, more tame now this is technically prague 8, but more or less centrally located

this is the Ládví metro in prague 8, vibrant and cheerful on the outskirts

here's the Můstek metro platform. the busiest station in the entire metro network, it's my least favorite. it has twenty exits and entrances. i joke that if you take the wrong exit coming up, you could end up in poland.

of this metro stop, frommer's writes:

It's not the metro station itself, which is only about 30 years old, that warrants an entry here. But descend to Mustek's lower escalators and you'll see the illuminated stone remains of what was once a bridge that connected the fortifications of Prague's Old and New Towns. In Czech, mustek means "little bridge," but the ancient span isn't the only medieval remains that modern excavators discovered. Metro workers had to be inoculated when they uncovered viable tuberculosis bacteria, which had lain here dormant, encased in horse excrement, since the Middle Ages.

The Černý Most ("Black Bridge") metro stop, the terminal stop on the "B" line, the closest metro to our apartment. It's far out, in Prague 14, in the vicinity of large residential housing projects, IKEA, and the lovely Hornbach, the Home Depot of Prague. It's one of the few metro stations not located underground. It's vestibule is located even higher than the main stand and roads of the bus terminal outside. The name ("Black Bridge" in English), comes from the stone bridge over the nearby railway line from Prague to Čelákovice, which was blackened by smoke from passing steam locomotives.

Anděl is a Prague Metro station on Line B in Prague 5, directly across the river from our apartment. The station was built between 1977 and 1985, designed in the Soviet style, by Soviet architects and dedicated to the Czechoslovak–Soviet friendship. The station was renamed in 1990 to Anděl, after the nearby Anděl neighborhood. The wall panels are constructed of red-tiled marble panels. Though it doesn't have as many exits & entrances as Mustek, if you take the wrong one, you are lost.

coming out of this metro takes you to an upscale Vinohrady neighborhood. our favorite farmer's market is 100 meters away. thankfully small station, with only one exit! the opposite of Mustek, with its 20 exits and entrances.

on the outskirts of prague 6. sometimes need to go here to the canadian medical facility.

on the A line, use this relatively outlying stop to go for my dental cleaning. like the brassy colors here.

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