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natural wine tasting! - may 25, 2019

events like this are part of what makes prague a great city. new town hall in prague 1 - about 300 meters from our apartment - which holds so many interesting events, held a two-day natural wine tasting, a good time had by all, esp. me.

tasted natural wines from germany, austria, hungary, and italy. liked the hungarian wines best of all, especially those from the wassman winery, with this very nice woman from the winery holding court, love their website name ("rawwine"):

her stuff was my favorite of all, as can be seen by my excited notes below, which had varying degrees of articulation. interestingly, they provided the wrong website address for her winery in the booklet.

i also enjoyed another hungarian maker, this husband-wife team, very nice peeps and very reasonably priced stuff

here's a pic of various makers posing. natural wine peeps make good peeps!

it's great that natural wine is becoming more available and less denigrated by the press and public. i ended up with a few bottles of my own, and a bunch of business cards, as seen on our dining room table

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