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anti-abortion nuts

the audubon fertility clinic is at the end of wheeler & marla's block. for years i've seen the crazies, old and young, protest this place, which does important, valued work for the women of new orleans and louisiana. today was the second protest this week.

the scary man with the red tee-shirt ("truth sounds like hate") was stomping around and screaming, indeed full of hate, but no truth. this clinic is one of only three in the entire state of louisiana that performs abortions as part of its work, the other two being in baton rouge and shreveport. no doubt women also come from mississipi, since it only has one such clinic, in jackson.

i walk or ride my bike past these nuts all the time. i've yelled at them twice, but usually, since i'm so emotional, i sound a little unhinged myself. today i said nothing, was just sad.

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