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jazz dock!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

the jazz dock in prague 5, my favorite music club anywhere. great location on the river. fantastic, very clean sound system that doesn't do damage to your ears. great programming. friendly staff, excellent bar and nice food. and we can walk there from our apartment across the river.

looking in from the outside to the nicely light bar. below, looking out towards the canal, with the prague 5 district (Smichov) on the left.

maria and i have seen so many great bands here. swedish jazz, indian woman on violin, the bad plus trio from the usa a few weeks ago (amazing), french chanson, a great czech tango band. probably been here about 20 times in our year-and-a-half here. last night saw a fantastic group from finland ( ), can't describe their music in any cogent way, and the youtube videos don't capture what they actually do live. loved them.

the dock rocks!

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