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best bread in prague

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

despite having a rich bread tradition, it's been tough for maria and i to find a bread we really like. i made our bread in new jersey, a whole grain sourdough type. here, making bread in our less equipped kitchen is something i haven't tried yet. traditional czech bread is usually a refined rye flour type. however, maria discovered this place with peter and pam when they visited several months ago. opened by a couple of guys from iceland! they make whole grain pain au levain sourdough type bread, it's the bomb.

they make all kinds of breads, but we prefer the above one, named "artic munk." it's walkable from our apartment across the river. i biked there today on my way back from the pool, it's a part of town i want to get to know better.

two breads in different stages baking in a very nice, contemporary oven

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